Monday, November 1, 2010

How to REMOVE survey or UNLOCK a LOCKED Website

Today there many people who are trying to make money online. One way of making money online is by surveys they lock their sites and before you can get access from it you need to answer the survey that flashes when you open their site and that's what you called CPA Lead, that makes them money if you answer that survey. So let's get started this tutorial will only UNLOCKED the website and REMOVE the annoying SURVEYS so you can access the website without answering any surveys this only works with Firefox browser.


1. Open your Firefox and on the Menu bar select (Tools>Add-ons) then click on the "get add-ons" tab then search "greasemonkey" it has a icon like a head of a monkey their.

2. Add
Greasemonkey to firefox then it will ask you to restart firefox.

3. After you restart your firefox you will see a head of a monkey at the lower-right corner of firefox.

4. Get the Userscript here for th
e script of your Greasemonkey this is incharge in removing the survey and unlocks the website. Then you select INSTALL then a small window pop-up then wait for the install button to be enabled then click INSTALL again.

5. Then go to the website that is locked with surveys that you wish to enter without doing any surveys. Enjoy! for questions please comment.